I am a composer, audio engineer, and sound designer for film, video games, and media. I hold a Master of Music degree in music technology and digital media from the University of Toronto. Having a background in the natural sciences and in piano performance, my approach to composition and audio production combines an intuition for musicality with a quantitative analysis of sound.

My music merges electronic and acoustic sound sources in a way that highlights the advantages of both media with an understanding of their equal capacity for musical expressiveness. I take inspiration from a wide range of musical styles throughout history, drawing upon my classical training and my appreciation for contemporary film and popular music. My sounds are a constant attempt to find parallels between the harmonies of different genres and eras so that my own works can reflect what I find most musically effective among these disparate styles.

I have produced music and sound effects for a variety of projects, from indie films and video games to internet ads to web series. I have also produced and engineered a number of small ensemble jazz and classical studio recordings. Additionally, I have written and produced singles and EPs exhibiting a less narratively constrained variation of my compositional style from my work in audio for media.

Ultimately, my goal is to create great acoustical experiences, whether that be in the form of my personal compositions, composition and sound design for other forms of media, or in enhancing the works of other musicians.

Selected works can be found on Soundcloud and purchased on Bandcamp.